You Are Not Your Tools

You have a body, yet you are not your body. You have a mind, yet you are not your mind. You have many wondrous tools, yet you are not these tools. What are you then?

Being is different from having.

Dare: identify in your mind everything that complies to statement ‘I have’, move it to the background and see what remains as ‘I’?

There is no value in having unless it is connected with the way of being. Even more profoundly, since:

We are not human beings. We are human be-comings.

what are you becoming?

Because we have all these tools, that puts us in the role of master. The application of these tools enables possibilities of how our life happens to us.

Life by design is all this is about!

Snap: do you have a design? Do YOU own it?


  • “This is my design”, Will Graham (character), from “Hannibal” (2013)
  • “There is no value in knowing!”, ex-colleague
  • “Possibility”, distinction, “Landmark Education”
  • “Be – Do – Have” vs. “Have – Do – Be”, technology, “Landmark Education”


  • “Life by Design”
  • “And that is my design”
  • Master vs. Victim
  • BE – DO – HAVE – ENJOY!


Quests. Questions. Being up to something. Game ON!

Everything you encounter during your Quest is either of distraction or of assistance.

Yet there is a lesson hidden in either. Remember about paying attention?!

Attention is the only universal currency.

At any given moment you have a choice what to give your attention to – something that moves you forward or something that is not. The choice is yours.

Trick: want to store up some energy necessary to pay attention? – find something you appreciate about whatever you are looking at at that particular moment. Can’t find anything? Keep searching until you do find!

Snap: don’t look at this text! Find something you appreciate about next thing you get distracted by! 😉

Warning: to multi-taskers, read this: The Multi-Tasking Myth

Questions, Quests and Answers

All that has ever been invented, discovered or realized has a question at its base. Someone got curios, then intentional. 

What you see around you is an answer to a question. Might not know what the question was, but it is an answer nevertheless.

If you are someone trying to get a grip on a new tool, having many features, intent to learn its uses and become its master, you have options: to either observe it in action, wielded by a true master of the trade; read the manual and experiment; or try to reverse-engineer and re-discover the initial intent the creator of the tool had in mind. Re-discover the original question!

Dare: When encountering something amazing, puzzling or simply curious, look for the initial question answered by the creators. Try to get into their mindset. What were they thinking? What issue or challenge they were addressing?

Teaser: reach back far enough and you might discover how this world was built. 😉

Snap: everything you might encounter and perceive as an issue, problem or challenge is just an earlier answer, which is no longer working or valid.

Warning: failure to identify the original purpose will result in limited usability, guesstimating, it is going to be around 15-17% if you are using it to ‘fix something’ and perhaps up to 23% if considering it as your going toolkit item. With odds like these better craft your own tool! [read: answer]

Listen to Miracle

Dare: try to listen in a way as if you are hearing that for the first time.

The truth is, if you’re listening to anything as if you have heard it million times before – you will miss the message.

The other truth is – you actually have not heard the story before! Not really! As there is no way to draw ten stars to look exactly the same, there is no way for two stories to be identical, even if told by the same person using same words.

The reason you are hearing the story is because you need to get the message. You have a lesson to learn. Or generally speaking – you have asked for it!

Everything happens for a reason. Everything has a purpose. Just take your time and identify what is it this time.

Promise: if you will give yourself permission to pretend everything you encounter is something new, never seen or heard before, the world of miracles will open up for you.

How this works: training perception into new mindset, one being capable of noticing the newness instead of the sameness. And once in a wile mind will notice something truly amazing, extraordinary and beautifully unique – a miracle! Guaranteed!

Snap: you asked for this!

Warning: failure to apply this technique will result in hearing same stories and/or/and encountering same circumstances over and over and over again. Boring? I bet!

Talking is Revealing

Do not volunteer information! – an advice once shared by my Israeli employer.

Speaking is revealing. Sharing is revealing.

As soon as someone opens their mouth to share, be it advice, opinion, observation or an insight, they are revealing their internal world, their private reality. It is a doorway into their beliefs and values.

Even the questions are great tells – they give access to expectations of the other. Why would a person ask this particular question, not another?! Because it was of topmost importance!

Snap: what was the last thing you told somebody? What was your intent? Did you got what you were after? Why?