Result As A Side-Effect

There are just few goals worth aspiring to in this life:

  • Learning and Practicing [generates Power]
  • Being of Service [generates Joy]
  • Developing Relationships [generates Happiness]

and only three directions or levels these aspirations could be practiced in relation to:

  • God or IS
  • World and Nature
  • Living Things

Everything else is just a need, want, desire, or a whim. It will get fulfilled as a side-effect of being after a true goal.

Say you want something, need something or simply would like to have something?! It will invariably fall into either Knowledge, Service or Relationship area. Seek to develop in that area to the highest level you can imagine, your ideal state, and in time you will get what you want as a side-effect. Simple as that. Guaranteed!


  • way too many to list here

Disclaimer: this is still DRAFT… INSIGHT in PROGRESS

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