Who I Am That This Is?

We get what we deserve! Parents, teachers, friends, mentors, colleagues, pets, job, house, car, relationships, lack of relationships, needs, wants, desires, dreams, likes, dislikes, deficits, you name it, it’s yours! Own it!

You attract what you project!

Everything you have around you, whether you enjoy it or not, are indifferent to or frustrated by, hate or ignore – it is in your life because somehow you attracted it. Attracted by your way of being.

Take it as a base fact! Sooner you accept this truth, sooner you will be able to change things around.

You can not change something you have no control over. The only form of total control is total ownership. Total ownership starts with absolute responsibility. Absolute responsibility is a form of mindset in which nothing is being attributed to chance or circumstances. If it is so – it is your doing! If it happened – you caused it! By your presence or your absence, by your involvement or your indifference – it is your cause.

Own the case and you will control the case.
Be the cause and you will inherit the matter.

So, who are you that this is?

What ways of your being caused this? Ask yourself these four questions, and identify the gaps:

  • Who am I that this is?
  • Who am I not that this is?
  • Who am I that this is not?
  • Who am I not that this is not?

But first, make sure you have a clear picture of what IS and what IS NOT. The connection, the relationship between you, your way of being and this, the way it occurs. You sure ‘got it’ right? Really?! Sure? Look deeper!

So, what did you saw as missing? Really?! Sure? Seek deeper!

Now, project the ‘perfect world’ scenario – how do you want things to be?

The Key: design new ways of being resonating with the way you want that to occurr!

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